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    Not sureLow volume (Less than 3,000 copies/mo.)Medium volume (3,000-10,000 copies/mo.)High volume (10,000-30,000 copies/mo.)Very high volume (30,000+ copies/mo.)

    Letter (8.5 x 11)Legal (8.5 x 14)Ledger (11 x 17)Tabloid (17 x 22)Cover stockOther

    ASAPIn two weeksIn one month or longer


    Small to mid-size business (1-500 employees)Large business (500+ employees)Government agency (Federal, State, or Local)Educational institution (Public or Private)Non-profit organization

    Not sure/noneAccount codesDuplex copyingFull-bleed printing of 11 x 17Sorter/staplerTransparency interleavingOther


    Scanner Rental

    Scanner is required as an essentiality; it is counted as one of the most crucial computer accessories. The use of a scanner is mainly to transfer printed materials such as photos, drawings, even text from the computer. There are a number of tasks that can’t be fulfilled without seeking support from this intelligent machine. Most important thing to consider while choosing a scanner is good quality and speed. Also, you should keep in mind that the computer will need at least 32 MB of RAM, ideally 64 MB, to scan. So, your scanner choice is going to sit apt as per the requirement and your desktop computer.

    Here, we have various tips that will help you to buy high performing scanner that will make your work a lot easier and your choice to stand as the most favorable one.

    •Always buy a low-resolution scanner if you have to use it just to scan text.

    •If you don’t require scanning from books or magazines, then you must consider a sheet-fed unit, which completely takes up far less desk space than the flatbed scanner.

    •Also, you can consider purchasing a low-resolution or medium-resolution scanner in case you plan to scan photographs to use these on Internet, as resolution of Web graphics is set low.

    •Further, you can buy a high-resolution scanner in case you plan to scan photographs to print and can have a high-resolution printer which is greater than 600-by-600 dots per inch, or dpi.

    •You can buy a model with 36-bit color depth, in case you plan to scan photographs or various color graphics.

    •You can also purchase a parallel-port scanner, if you often don’t expect to use the scanner or usually work with large files.

    •Also remember that even scanner costing less than $100 is going to provide a good picture’600-by-1,200-dpi resolution. These scanners are reasonably priced between $150 and $250 and usually provide 1,200-by-1,200-dpi resolution.

    •Also, you must know that the speed is the biggest factor in pricing. The market has parallel-port scanners that use the existing printer port, and are considered the cheapest and slowest. The USB scanners require that your computer must have a USB port, and are faster but obviously these cost more. SCSI-card scanners are known to be the fastest and most expensive. Here you need to install a SCSI card in your computer, if incase you have purchased one.

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